martes, 27 de noviembre de 2007

La audición de Juan Riedinger

Recuerdan el video de la audición de Juan Riedinger?...

Bueno, a quienes no lo vieron les aviso que ya no lo podrán hacer puesto que Riedinger lo ha retirado de la vista pública. Y para quienes si lo vieron y se sintieron culpables por ver spoilers, les aviso que pueden estar tranquilos, ya que algunos miembros del Haven lograron decifrar que el diálogo ahí presentado es casi idéntico a uno de la película "John Q" con Denzel Washington y no al guión de X-Files 2 ni a algún episodio de la serie.

Este es el guión de la audición:
Riedinger: Help, I need Help My son can't breathe Can somebody....
Outside voice: What happened
Riedinger: I... I don't know he, he had a baseball game, and then all of a sudden
Outside Voice:Pulse is 115. BP is 68 over 34 collapsed playing baseball
Riedinger: he was running and the next thing we knew he keals over
Outside Voice:Okay anything like this ever happen before
Riedinger:No, Never, No
Outside voice: Pulse is 78% lets get him some oxygen
Riedinger: Our boy's gonna be okay, isn't he?
Outside Voice: Mr. and Mrs. Finch would you come with me
Riedinger: What?
Outside Voice: He's in good hands, Please there are a few proceedures we need to go over
Riedinger: How's our boy doing?
Outside Voice: There's septal defects here, here, and here which have induced a miopithey resulting in a...
Riedinger: Ohh Oh I'm sorry I don't know what that means... Can you put that in lay mans terms
Outside Voice: Basically there's not enough blood being pumped by the heart.
Riedinger: So what does that mean, does that mean he need an operation?
Outside Voice(Dr. Jones):I'm afraid we are considerable beyond the point of corrective surgery and transplantation is a high risk operation, you could lose your son on the table.
Riedinger:Oh oh so what do you think Dr. Jones what...
Ouside Voice( Dr. Jones):this isn't my decision.
Riedinger: No, I know... I'm, I just, Your opinion... without surgery how long does he have?Outside Voice (Dr. Jones): Not long months, weeks, days
Riedinger: Ok then if it was your boy, what would you do?
Outside Voice(Dr. Jones): I would get a translplant, absolutely
Riedinger: Ok, lets do it.

Este es el guión de "John Q":
-This X-ray is that of a normal, nine year old heart. This one is your son's. There are septal defects here, here, and here, which have induced a myopathy resulting pulmonary edema, and malignant ventricular ectopy. As you can see, Mike's heart is approximately three times normal size.
-I'm sorry. I don't understand. Could you pout that in layman's terms?
-Of course. Basically, there's not enough blood being pumped by the heart, so it backs up in the lungs. Sort of like a sponge getting wet. Mike's heart is trying, but I'm afraid it's working too hard.
- So what's he need? An operation?
- I'm afraid we're considerably beyond the point of corrective surgery, Mr. and Mrs. Archibald. Your son's heart is useless. He is going to need a transplant.
-He's nine.

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